To Whom It May Concern: Should You Use Who or Whom?

Who, whom, and related words like whoever and whomever are notorious for causing difficulties. How do you know when to use one or the other? Learning to recognize when the word is being used as a subject (who) and when it is being used as an object (whom) is the key to choosing the correct . . . [more]

How to Pause a Storyline E-Learning Project

When you want learners to pause a slide in an Articulate Storyline project, you have two options. Use the seekbar on the player. Build custom navigation that includes a play and pause button. The seekbar on the Articulate Storyline player is an easy way for learners to play, pause . . . [more]

Solving Audio Problems in Articulate Storyline

Audio is an important part of effective e-learning, but using audio in Articulate Storyline can be a challenge. Have you ever had multiple layers with timelines that run at the same time, and each layer contains audio? This causes the audio from the layers to play at the same time! Or, hav . . . [more]