Is Showing and Hiding Web Content Using jQuery Bad?

Don't Shoot the Messenger OK, first the disclaimers: I am not saying there is no place for showing and hiding content using JavaScript/jQuery. I am merely saying that doing so can be causing you more problems than necessary. And yes, I do generally follow best-practices by having content . . . [more]

Solving Audio Problems in Articulate Storyline

Audio is an important part of effective e-learning, but using audio in Articulate Storyline can be a challenge. Have you ever had multiple layers with timelines that run at the same time, and each layer contains audio? This causes the audio from the layers to play at the same time! Or, hav . . . [more]

Is User Experience a Fad?

During student introductions at a recent User Experience Foundations class in Boston, an executive announced, “I’m here to see what this user experience fad is all about.” Many fads have come and gone in the business world. Consider Og Mandino’s “The Greatest . . . [more]