About Us

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Logical Imagination, founded in 1990, provides technology training, consulting and development services to clients worldwide.

Our award-winning, experienced software and web developers are comfortable across a range of platforms, and we provide technology training for more than 30% of Fortune 500 companies, hundreds of non-profit organizations, and dozens of government agencies.

Our Philosophy

  • We do things we enjoy. We like what we do, and that has a profound impact on how we do it.
  • We do things well. Our work is an extension of ourselves, so it is important that we produce the highest quality results.
  • We do things to last. Our objective is consistency and value over time rather than artificially inflated or accelerated returns, and our pricing is highly competitive to reflect our lower overhead.

Our Strengths

“Know thyself” isn’t just good advice for individuals! After 25 years, Logical Imagination has a strong self-identity, which allows us to know if we are the right fit for a project.

  • We do not outsource or hire contractors.
  • We excel at project work with deadlines, not long-term, ongoing maintenance work.
  • We excel at putting out periodic fires (for example, helping a lawyer analyze a large data set for trial or finishing a project for a business who lost an employee)
  • We excel at projects that a customer can’t do in-house (for example, building a web application for a non-profit or developing an e-Learning solution for an overburdened department).

We know data…software…business. We know ourselves, and we’d love to get to know you.

Our Commitment

Colorful Handprint

To imprint everything we do as professionals with the integrity and sensibility we expect in our personal lives. This approach impacts Logical Imagination as an organization — but it also touches our clients, vendors, and others with whom we come in contact.

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Logical Imagination relies heavily on repeat business (relationships) and referrals (contagious satisfaction) as the heart of our marketing strategy.

From the beginning, our business has been built — quite literally — one relationship at a time.

It has worked for us. Let us work for you.

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Fun Stats

  • 9,708Classes Taught
  • 18,419Nights in Hotels
  • 5,741,229Airline Miles
  • 1,724,358Lines of Code
  • 32,045Cups of Coffee

Logical Imagination – A Brief History

  • Founded in Ohio as A+ Computer Services
    • Established niche in customized application development, technology training and consulting (DOS, anyone?).
    • MS-DOS 5
    • Microsoft WIndows 3.1
    • Name changed to SteeleTech, Inc.
    • Opened office in Indiana
    • Expanded offerings to encompass Microsoft and Lotus Notes technologies
    • Pentium Processor
    • Mosaic – first commercial web browser to allow graphical access to content
    • Netscape
    • Yahoo
    • Microsoft Windows 95
    • Internet Explorer
    • EBay
    • Amazon
    • DVD’s
    • Google
    • An estimated 400 million people worldwide connect to the Internet – double the number from 1999
    • Dot-Com bust
    • Many of our competitors vanished
    • We ate beans and rice and lived to tell the tale
    • iPod
    • iTunes
    • Opened office in Georgia
    • Expanded offerings to encompass web design, multimedia technologies and hosting services.
    • Facebook
    • YouTube
    • Expanded offices in Ohio
    • Name changed to Logical Imagination LLC to accurately reflect both the technical and creative sides of the operation
    • Twitter
    • iPhone
    • AppStore Downloads Exceed 3 Billion
    • Name changed to Logical Imagination Group LLC
    • Expanded offerings to encompass technology publishing
    • 3D Printing